Wild Hog Challenge, Lusaka, Zambia. Join us on the weekend of 6 and 7 April 2019

Fun, Family Friendly events suitable for most fitness levels.

Wild Hog Two Day Stage Trail Runs

Wild Hog Stage Trail Run 20km / 20km
Mini Wild Hog Trail Run 10km / 5km
Event held over the weekend
6 & 7 April '19

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Wild Hog Adventure Triathlon - 6 April '19

Wild Hog Triathlon : Run 10km / MTB 40km / Swim 1200m
Mini Wild Hog Triathlon: Run 5km / MTB 20km / Swim 600m

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Kids Duathlon & Fun Run / Walk

Wartlet Mini Duathlon: 5km Ride / 1km Run
Wild Hog 5km Fun Run / Walk
Events held
6 April '19
Kids can be accompanied

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A Sports Challenge you do not want to miss!

Well, have we found a pristine environment for an off-road adventure for you… In Zambia.  We’re calling it the Wild Hog Challenge!  And, it’s happening soon, over the weekend of 6 and 7 April ’19. 

Join us for a crazy weekend of mountain bike riding, trail running and swimming in the indigenous Miombo Woodlands, Lusaka,  Zambia.  Challenge yourself to a two day Stage Trail Run through endangered woodlands or enter the Triathlon which includes a swim in a cool and unpolluted dam, rugged mountain bike riding and trail running.  In Zambia, an elevated sense of fun and good party skills are part of the requirement. So, South Africans and other International Athletes, don’t forget to practice!

Trailadventure’s signature family orientated events are relaxed, newcomer friendly and suitable for all levels of fitness, but do offer a challenge if you want to go fast and furious. Children’s duathlon and a 5km fun run / walk events provide everyone  the opportunity to be part of the fun.

The Lusaka South Country Club is our host, providing entertainment, particularly, for family and friends accompanying athletes. The Club will be catering for athletes and spectators for the duration of the event.   Without event sponsors Buya Bamba Potatoes and Cavmont Bank, we would not be able to host this amazing sporting weekend.

Give it a go…. Book your flights to Lusaka,  Zambia Now! The Wild Hog Challenge awaits.


Get a feel for the awesome terrain of the area.